Adelaide Hiebel (1886-1968) was born in New Hope, Wisconsin and is one of the better known women illustrators of her time. Most her early subjects were women, but she also painted indian maidens, women and dogs, mothers with infants, infant portraits and small children. Adelaide's fantastic work can be seen in calendar art, magazines, and decorative fine-art prints. Her favorite medium was pastels.

This genuine lithograph is printed on 65 lb. stock high quality paper. Each print has been painstakingly watched over in the printing process to bring you the highest quality prints available. This beautiful painting has been reprinted the old fashioned way using a 4 color offset press laying down each color one at a time.

TITLE: Bluebird's Song of Happiness
ARTIST: Adelaide Hiebel
SIZE: 11" x 14"
PRICE: $12.99

You will not find a better reprint as this is a genuine lithograph. Because of the complex techniques used in this reproduction, the print is difficult to tell from the original calendar art.

This vintage print would be perfect in your home, office, RV, or cabin and is guaranteed 100% in quality.

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